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    Change to oceanic room?



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    Change to oceanic room?

    Post  Katyc on Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:22 am

    Has anyone else noticed a change in the oceanic room? Unless I'm going mad (very possible!) the diver never used to have a fish in his helmet and his suit was bronze not orange? I don't remember shells being in the picture frame either...clearly I spend too much time playing this game:)
    I wish they'd fix the 'no server response' rather than wasting time updating graphics!

    It won't let me copy and paste the screen shot?

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    Re: Change to oceanic room?

    Post  Brad5868 on Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:46 am

    I have also noticed the graphic change. Has any other room had any changes?

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    Re: Change to oceanic room?

    Post  highlandlass on Wed Dec 05, 2012 6:23 pm

    Yes I noticed it too! Haven't spotted any changes in any other rooms so can't really work out why they've done it in the oceanic room!

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    Re: Change to oceanic room?

    Post  Camille on Wed Dec 05, 2012 8:42 pm

    I've noticed that change also, can't say I like it. Haven't noticed any other changes at this stage.
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    Change in library also

    Post  belle MM on Sat Dec 08, 2012 12:48 am

    This is a minor change, but I have noticed that the "paperweight" is now referred to as the "ink blotter rocker" in the library.

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    Re: Change to oceanic room?

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