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    GI Support Troubles - Anyone else experienced this?



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    GI Support Troubles - Anyone else experienced this?

    Post  xmilokittyx on Wed Apr 10, 2013 7:45 pm

    I recently contacted GI Support through the G! icon in the game at the top of the right-side quests. I received a response after 2 days, where "Veronika" asked me to email screenshots of my problem to the general GI support email. 2 days later... she emailed me back (not updating the ticket in the game icon) saying that they didn't know what my emailed screenshots were referencing as they could find no support request associated with the email I used. The email address I used was the same that is associated with my MM game in the Game Center for iPad AND I had sent a screenshot of the ticket for convenience), so not sure where the confusion is coming from.

    This is a little frustrating, because it may be a moot point now -- my support request was in regards to the full moon event, which has now ended...5 days after first entering the request.


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    Re: GI Support Troubles - Anyone else experienced this?

    Post  Poppy on Thu Apr 11, 2013 8:10 am

    GI support isn't the best. As you will discover by reading some of the posts on this site. You really have to stay on them. And they get in a big hurry to close your ticket before your issue is resolved. I find them extremely frustrating to say the least. I get more from this chat group then I ever have from them. Good luck to you.

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