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    Gauguin pointer


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    Gauguin pointer

    Post  Avis on Wed Apr 18, 2012 9:35 am

    How do you use the Gauguin pointer? I select use and the timer counts down but I can't work out how to use it!

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    Re: Gauguin pointer

    Post  Brad5868 on Wed Apr 18, 2012 11:07 am

    After using the pointer, hold your finger on the screen and scroll around the screen. In doins so, the items on the list will become highlighted

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    Re: Gauguin pointer

    Post  Admin on Wed Apr 18, 2012 12:33 pm

    Great way to quickly find items in Night Mode, I might add!

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    Re: Gauguin pointer

    Post  pianofingers on Wed Apr 18, 2012 7:58 pm

    This is my favorite tool! It works great in combination with the magnet. You just drag your finger around the screen, and anything that lights up, you click on! No need to even look at the item list on the right side. I used to hate it when I had flying saucer phenomenon, but with this tool, banishing it is a snap.

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    Re: Gauguin pointer

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