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    number of friends



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    number of friends

    Post  brasil on Thu May 03, 2012 9:53 pm

    hey.. i want to know if having more friends is better than having not much?
    i have now 99 but i dont like to have much since i cant help them all and get confused haha... so i keep deleting friends who doesnt help me much or is a not so active player ( it sounds bad =S haha) but i have seen players with a lot of over than 1000 and i was wondering if thats better.. since they can request more items and maybe receive more help,
    well i dont know.. i would like to know your experience about it ;)


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    Re: number of friends

    Post  pianofingers on Thu May 03, 2012 11:37 pm

    There are varying opinions here, some prefer few friends (I have only 50), and some prefer many friends.

    To keep track of your close friends, use your wall as a Little Black Book. Keep at least 1 message from each of your favorite friends, and use that as a jumping point to visit them or gift them.


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    Re: number of friends

    Post  karen_ni on Thu May 03, 2012 11:55 pm

    I also keep my friends list to about 50 but I can definitely see the advantages to having many friends. I would imagine it would be much easier to get needed or rare collections items if you have a lot of friends to ask. I, however, find that if you have a strong group of MM friends, who gift daily and who you have a rapport with, I don't usually have any problems. I just personally find it easier to keep track of people when I only have 50 but obviously this doesn't work for everyone. I also won't add anyone who has more than 150-200 friends with a few exceptions like admin! Very Happy

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    Re: number of friends

    Post  Debinapril on Fri May 04, 2012 9:11 am

    Ha! I'm in the other camp and have 1000+ friends. This has come about through entering friend's codes to get diamonds so I can keep on playing. I guess I've been playing about 4 months now and they all add up. I found a big difference once I got to about 500. The number of tips and gifts I get daily is quite a lot. Of course I get 100's of gift requests a day too but since they took away the 50 limit from gifting from the wall there isn't a problem really. It only takes a second to respond to a gift request and once you do of course you will receive a mystery gift in return.
    Of course you lose track of people - or could do. I try and delete ordinary gift requests once I have fulfilled them but use my wall like a 'Black Book' for special friends - those that I trade with, ones that have been helpful etc - so I can find them again quickly and easily.
    I try and visit as many friends as possible but of course there are many I miss. If they delete me then so be it, I don't take it personally. A couple of times I've trimmed my list a bit if I notice that someone no longer plays.
    To be honest I don't often initiate trades, I do like to find things for myself but I do respond to trades from others. I find it manageable although I can understand the attractions and advantages of keeping to a tight friend's lists.
    I hope this helps as an alternative perspective! :-)

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    Re: number of friends

    Post  Mbstr8k on Fri May 04, 2012 1:40 pm

    I keep my list to just about 100. I'm not able to gift everyone daily, but every other day at least. I always respond to wall requests and try to trade.

    I like using the wall as a black book. I do use it for a jumping point, but admit I need to clean the clutter a bit more often.

    I've just added a couple of new low level friends...hoping I can help them with A/Cs and lead collars...I want those 60 diamonds I spent to pay off! :-D I'm also hoping they'll help me update the "Entering Rooms" information.

    I clean out pretty regularly, too. If I see someone hasn't leveled up or played/gifted in over two weeks, then they are usually history. Usually -- I have one helper who has obviously stopped playing, but he/she gives me 15% experience, so I'm not about to delete...I just don't gift anymore.

    I can get a little frustrated when I visit a friend and see they don't need any chargers, and I don't have something for their collection. I like having a 2x as many as I can gift for that reason.

    I don't delete my MMuff friends though...I think all of us active members like to gift and trade. No one selfish here! :-D And I think we all understand when we aren't able to get on because of "real life."


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    Re: number of friends

    Post  brasil on Fri May 04, 2012 3:09 pm

    thanks for the answers :D
    i didnt know about using my wall as black book its a great idea.. ill try to do it ;)
    i think having more friends is more work idk, because with 100 i already get lost with all them im probably unfair since i cant remember who helped me and such
    i try to be more organized i guess thats the best way.. even with a high number of friends haha

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    Re: number of friends

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