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    Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.



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    Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

    Post  MommaKitty20 on Fri Aug 17, 2012 4:12 pm

    I hope this doesn't sound too insensitive since you are all putting in so much work to make this happen. However without the free diamonds, I don't see how I can continue. They already posted a weekend bonus to buy diamonds and get a 'free gift'. Obviously something is not getting through. In the meantime I would like to find a game to use up the time I can't spend on Mystery Manor which gives good support and graphics (like I get on FarmVille with Zynga). They, however do not have a Hidden Object game. I really do want it to work with Mystery Manor but it almost seems like it's a problem of greed. I want to be positive but their support so far in every area seems very weak. There is no reason why I can't play two games and see who wins out in the end as far as support and cost. Is there anyone out there playing another hidden object game they like as much as Mystery Manor, or at least close? Sorry if this offends anyone.

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    Re: Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

    Post  pianofingers on Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:36 am

    If you're looking for a similar social Hidden Object game on the iPad, try Gardens of Time.

    If you don't need the social aspect, you might wanna try the classic Hidden Object games instead. I like the Big Fish games because the stories are more engrossing and the art is amazing. It's pricey, around $5 for a single iPad game which you can complete in less than a day, but you can sometimes grab a good title for $2 in a Daily Deal.

    BFG also has an unlimited subscription, for $8 a month you have access to over a hundred games you can play on iPad. Depending on your free time, you can play as many full games as you want. The catch is, it's only available in the US (and I think some selected countries too like Canada).

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    Re: Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

    Post  SJ on Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:14 am

    It's not insensitive Momma, I think that's precisely WHY we are all so upset. We LOVE our Manor, but it does become financially exclusive.....the richer you are, the better you will do. Very sad.

    It just occur to me the other day I've spent the same amount on Mystery Manor, as a new Playstation 3 and a tall pile of games. That is insane!!

    I can't help thinking too, imagine if we all donated a dollar, we'd have about half a million and we could just pay someone to make a better Manor. Oh how I fantasize about that day, where hundreds of thousands of people press DELETE APP!!


    Anyway, agree with QV, gardens won't stay free for long, and you need Facebook, but I get a lot of pleasure from the Big Fish games. They always give you a decent length free trial. The games start out at £4.99, which is a little steep, but they then drop to £2.99.

    If you play on hard mode you'll get about 30 hours play time, so cheaper than a paperback.

    You won't get the community aspect of the manor, but the hidden objects are real ones, not just finding that stupid woman's shoe in the same place all the time (and WHY do they let their hamster up on those banisters in the hallway....tut tut).

    So. I've played all the big fish games and prefer the ones with mini games as well as hidden object. Put them on expert mode or they will just sparkle for you and you'll be done in an hour.

    I can confidently recommend: (in order of awesomeness)

    Stray Souls: Dollhouse
    Weird Park: Broken Tune
    Death at Fairing Point
    Dreamland HD: Spooky adventure (by nevosoft)
    Mystery Case Files:13th skull
    Puppetshow - The Mystery of Joyville HD
    Echoes of the Past: The royal house of stone
    Haunted Halls: Green Hills Sanitarium

    Then there's a couple of little escape games that had my head in knots and kept me quiet for ages...

    The lost city (Fire Maple Games)
    Secret of Grisly Manor (Joe Kaufmann)
    Antrim escape series. (a bit silly, but kept me SO hooked!!)
    DR Stanley's House 1 & 2 (dumb, but free lol)

    Ooh sorry, long post. I should t come here during my morning coffee. I'm so jealous of anyone who hasn't played these games before!!


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    Thanks for suggestion

    Post  MommaKitty20 on Sat Aug 18, 2012 4:18 am

    Thank you for the suggestions of alternative games. I keep trying to get my interest back into Mystery Manor but I get so little energy to play with no free diamonds that I can only play for a short period of time. I have tried using the energy restoring objects but they can only do so much and I won't pay for meals or getting the flowers to extend my time. I'm quite depressed about this. I used to enjoy getting my "stash" of diamonds and be prepared to spend 4 hours playing. Not anymore. I can only do a few rooms at a time before I run out of energy since the newer rooms use so much more energy than the earlier ones. I don't see how they will be willing to make substantial changes when it keeps coming down to greed versus support,considering their latest weekend promotion to buy more diamonds. Instead of asking for items I need to complete my collections I have been asking for items to get breakfasts. That's pathetic. To beg for food on a virtual reality game!! I'm sorry for being negative. There are just too many "red flags" for me to feel comfortable that they will make substantial changes. I hope I am wrong. It seems like there is a prevailing attitude of not wanting to give anything away for free and making the most profit that can be squeezed out of the customers and letting the ones who don't want to pay, quit it game My conclusions come from my previous lack of customer support to any of the emails I have written concerning various issues.

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    Re: Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

    Post  Nynaeve on Sat Aug 18, 2012 9:38 am

    Another Big Fish (but there are soo many!) is Serpent of Isis. I only got into MM in the first place because I didn't want to pay for the BF games and I believed in MM being a free game... Sometimes you can dl the whole game for free if you hit a lucky day when it is new. Otherwise Isis, Baskervilles, Grim Tales and Nightinggale are the only ones we bought so far after playing as long as we could for free. I played Garden on fb for a while ages ago and on the ipad when I got it briefly but it is really not much fun.
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    Re: Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

    Post  mlle. scarlett on Tue Aug 21, 2012 1:01 pm

    A third BigFish player here. Great graphics and I get a daily link to one of their games I can try out for free and notification when they go 'on sale'. Often you can get a bunch for about 1.99$ U.S. They are finite games, though, when you're done, you're done. I also don't like the backtracking through the various screens which is required.
    April 11

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    Other hidden object games

    Post  April 11 on Tue Aug 21, 2012 4:08 pm

    Have played both dreamland and puppet show, both were great games. Puppet show plays faster. Dreamland takes a much longer time, but was much more interesting to play..

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    Re: Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

    Post  Jae on Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:07 pm

    Big Fish sounds good but since it costs, I'm wondering if anyone knows of free worthwhile HO games?
    Thanks ~


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    Re: Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

    Post  Kitzkatz on Wed Aug 22, 2012 11:42 pm

    I started playing Gardens of Time at the same time I started MM. Ironically, I once wrote a review of GoT saying they should use MM as a model for how they could do better. Ha! GoT has its own problems, and the social aspect is not direct contact, but I enjoy building the garden, and I have reached the mid 40s level without spending any real money. The problem with the iPad version (which doesn't require Facebook, btw) is the grid size. So far it is much smaller than the Facebook version which is played on your regular computer. That said, I've played for several months and I may have another month or two before I can't advance any more. Building the garden is the main time sink, the hidden objects go even more quickly than they do here, but I enjoy the story, too.

    And I agree with you, Momma. They ability to grab a few diamonds was very important to me, greedy as it may seem, but It is GI's business practices that will eventually drive me away.


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    Few good hidden object games

    Post  zoeyb on Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:58 pm

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    Re: Looking for another Hidden Object Game while waiting for results.

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