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    Pressure on gi



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    Pressure on gi

    Post  Chickenchick111 on Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:18 am

    Good morning, afternoon, evening all...

    As you mostly know, gi had a list of questions which they asked for after cancelling a Skype call, again which they asked for. So far we have had highly edited questions posted and copy and pasted non commital or non positive answers to these.

    Gi posted SOME answers to our hard worked questions on fb and said in early September they're releasing update whereby we can add friends of our choosing again just without diamonds but they are giving us some quests where we can earn diamonds at weekends by linking to Facebook. Once again that sounds like gi want us to spam to our friends in return for a bribe, much like the levelling up screen,however, I've never had my ten diamonds for doing that so am sceptical of this feature working in our favour. I'm sure we will def be able to help gi by posting to our Facebook buddies but not so convinced the diamonds rewards will come our way.I'm sure bribery for the purposes of increasing profit is apples primary concern, especially as gi are running round blaming the whole boycott fiasco on apple regs and have been dragged into it in the press. I'm not sure a small Russian company should be trying to pull apples chain....even Samsung couldn't pull it off...
    I think we need to increase pressure on gi to repair the damage to players by not answering us and messing with silly things in the game too much and never fixing larger issues.
    If you're able today to send them a message through the g! Symbol in game or direct through Facebook I wonder could you please ask them to respond to the rest of our questions so we can all judge whether to bother carry on playing or just delete the app. This will shake them up enough for them to post by the end of the day I hope.
    Oh and please,please please, do continue NOT buying in app diamonds until the game is repaired or maintained to a satisfactory standard to all. Even if your game has improved since the update,I urge you to please not buy until everyone can play decently. (although entirely up to you, im not bossin you about but numbers count in this game and judging by the uk app store grossing now putting them at 47 from 20 two weeks ago, i think our voice is showing them something)
    Thanks Smile
    Cynthia RTR

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    Re: Pressure on gi

    Post  Cynthia RTR on Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:55 am

    I agree with you..... Just read SJ's thread in above chit-chat and bless her heart she is so frustrated and for good reason... GI has wiggled their way around every issue there is... :-(. And I'm so sorry but 50 diamonds for higher level players, doing higher level quest, 50 diamonds won't get you very far at all... I can't help to think how scary it is for people to be so guiliable... Anyhow... Thanks for bringing attention to the fact that answers have still not been given from GI... I haven't forgotten... Guess everyone else are to busy using their 50 diamonds to care anymore... :-(

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    Re: Pressure on gi

    Post  brenda(Doglover) on Tue Aug 28, 2012 4:31 pm

    I haven't forgotten either. I'm going to be sending an email to support today to complain about the crashing issues I'm having as I've lost some collection item gifts that were sent to me. I will also post a note on FB requesting that the questions be answered although I hold no hope that they will actually answer anything favorably. 50 diamonds is almost a slap in the face considering I spent almost 3 weeks unable to visit any friends and then the fiasco of them getting rid of the ability to even add friends.


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    4 Star Rating

    Post  Mysticvision on Tue Sep 04, 2012 11:55 am

    I was just at the App Store reading through some of the reviews since the last update. MM is showing a rating of 4 stars! Perhaps everyone can go and update their ratings to help lower it again?

    I haven't seen much improvement with this new update, in fact my game crashed last night and took all my gifts away Sad They are completely ignoring all of the questions submitted, andd all requests and reminders to pls respond.

    Time to apply the pressure again!


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    Re: Pressure on gi

    Post  Chickenchick111 on Tue Sep 04, 2012 4:23 pm

    Most def time! In fact was discussing our next move moments ago. Does anyone know anyone in tv media, even a runner or researcher who can take the story to someone interested?

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    Re: Pressure on gi

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