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    Fix if leprachaun does not come up for you...


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    Fix if leprachaun does not come up for you... Empty Fix if leprachaun does not come up for you...

    Post  Sherlock Thu Nov 01, 2012 8:20 pm

    I didn't get leprechaun or opportunity to get 5 diamonds last weekend, this is reply from GI on how to fix this....

    To make the icons for the events appear next weekends, please, try to close your game in the proper manner: press Home button on your device and the application will get folded. After that press Home button twice and the panel with launched applications will pop-up. Press the game icon and hold it until the icon starts vibrating and press "-" sign to close the application. To hide the panel press Home button on your device.

    Their records showed I received the leprechaun, so there system is not right.... Hope this helps others for when this happens to them. By the way, if you follow instructions, don't be nervous about hitting the "-" button like I was, it will NOT delete your game from the IPAD.

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