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    This forum is awesome.....nuggets of wisdom?


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    This forum is awesome.....nuggets of wisdom? Empty This forum is awesome.....nuggets of wisdom?

    Post  Abemom2 Tue Jun 11, 2013 10:02 am

    Two things on my mind this morning....

    1. This forum is fantastic! So much helpful advice, wisdom and high level players willing to help. For a game that can be very buggy, the social experience is the best I have found. I posted a note regarding an item I need and just wanted tips on how to find it...within minutes a high level player friended me and sent it! Not the first time this has happened. I am trying to pay it forward because it is so wonderful to be helped! I've played a couple other games before this one and the limits on how you can help each other are much worse...just an observation.

    2. I've just learned that after you update your wish list you have to search 3 rooms before the change can be seen by others. I've wondered why I get gifts no longer on my wl! I wonder if there are any other nuggets of wisdom like this that can be shared?

    Thanks to all my fellow make it fun to play!


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    This forum is awesome.....nuggets of wisdom? Empty Re: This forum is awesome.....nuggets of wisdom?

    Post  Arrowyn Wed Jun 12, 2013 12:09 am

    I was told by a tactful high-level friend that trick about refreshing your WL, but I've found that sometimes it takes just one search to refresh it. Always at least one search.

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