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    ALL Gifts LOST due to Inbox crash with old version


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    ALL Gifts LOST due to Inbox crash with old version Empty ALL Gifts LOST due to Inbox crash with old version

    Post  LaVentosa Sun Aug 05, 2012 6:16 pm

    Apperently there has been continuous crashing of the Inbox going on for the people that have not yet updated.
    It has been discussed in the "non-updaters Unite"-thread here. After reopening MM after that crash, the inbox is empty.

    Regarding Gherkinhans post, the reason for the crash when opening the "my-gift" window might be that someone already updated tries to send one of the new items of the Update.
    (Of course it might be something completely different like the moon phase, the amount of medals won by your country on that day in the olympics, the mental health state of your tax accountant, the number of calls/week of your inlaws, but GK's guess is probably right on target...)

    When it happened to me, I was happy to be in our new chatroom - I had just accepted a new friend (Hi Sooz!), she tipped my manor and gifted me. When I went to look for the gifts, the game crashed. Alerted by GK in the chatroom by what was happening - I decided NOT to reopen the game, instead closed it completely and updated. Voila - there were my gifts (non of the new stuff, though)

    So - my thanks to GK who with all that stuff of the update is still "able to practice my bear hunting skills, have saved several children from danger in a school bus at the brink of a cliff and planted over 2000 avocado trees around the world" (quite bizarre, GK, but you asked for it .. Wink )

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