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    Extremely disappointed


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    Extremely disappointed Empty Extremely disappointed

    Post  robievt Mon Aug 13, 2012 11:09 am

    Why do people get banned for cheating? How did they cheat, was it for multigifting, stacking charms or entering friend codes for diamonds. All of which were allowed by the program bugs. Just because we as players, figured it out and it was allowed through the program, is not the players fault. Guess they should ban most of us. I have spent way too much money on this foolish game. It was fun until they messed it up so bad. Can't get very far in the game anymore. I'm lucky to get a few coins to drop while banning creatures. I'm not wasting 20 diamonds on that.

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    Extremely disappointed Empty Cheating

    Post  SJ Mon Aug 13, 2012 12:27 pm

    As far as I was aware it was usually to do with people changing the time on their iPads to mess about with energy restoration etc.

    I had a few friends who travelled abroad to a differ time zone, got banned by GI and had a hell of a time convincing Gi they were innocent and getting back in their games.

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