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    Here it is Empty Here it is

    Post  WaccaWacca! Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:12 pm


    GF.1 Will you be providing better customer support when users report issues with the game functionality?

    Game Insight is dedicated to providing prompt, professional customer service. We’ve tripled the number of technical support operators on Mystery Manor iPad over the last two weeks and will continue to handle these tickets as quickly as possible. Please continue to use Mystery Manor’s support system to report any technical issues with your game.
    GF.2 Will you add a Confirm Purchase window anytime diamonds are being used to prevent accidental purchases in the game?

    The issue is understood and in consideration for a future update.
    GF.3 Will you increase the size and separate the Buy/Ask a Friend button?

    This is in consideration for a future update as well.
    GF.4 Will you be giving players the ability to sort friends alphabetically, by level, by most recently played or by searching for names?

    This is also in consideration for a future update.
    GF.5 Will you stop making previously collected items not count toward new quest? (This will ensure continued playing after running out of quests.)

    Also in consideration for a future update.
    GF.6 Will you resolve the "Internet connection required" issue when gifting from the wall or visiting friends? (We know it is not our internet.)

    This is being addressed in the update being released in early September.

    GF.8 Will you create another artifact that increases experience?

    This is in consideration for a future update, however since it could impact the overall balance of the game, further research needs to be done to see the potential impact.
    GF.9 Will you provide the player the ability to stop a charm, rather than waiting for it to expire?

    This is in consideration for a future update, but keep in mind, if a player could stop a charm, it would not “save” the additional time – it would just stop and expire. Example: You have 30 minutes remaining on a charm, you decide to stop it, and the charm would be considered “used” and disappear from your inventory. As such, it seems like the better choice would be to let the charm run its course rather than stop it prematurely.
    GF.10 Will you be changing the rate of energy restoration?

    Again, this could impact the game balance quite a bit and needs to be researched prior to consideration.
    GF.11 Will you increase the drop rate of room keys, not only from banishing, but also in the same ways that runestones are dropped? (e.g. mystery gifts, visiting friends bonus, visiting rooms)

    Again, this has potential to impact game balance so it will need to be researched, but it is in consideration.
    GF.12 Will you remove the dropping of items that can now longer be used in the game? (i.e. golden bullets, golden shield, golden scroll when rooms needing them no longer require them)
    This is also in consideration for a future update.

    GF.15 Will you be giving players the ability to tag friends as favorites and display these separately from all friends?
    This is in consideration for a future update, but low on the priority list.

    GF.16 Will you change the request gift function to allow players to select multiple friends at one time?
    This is in consideration. Our developers are looking into the possibility of including this functionality.

    GF.18 Will you provide the player another way to collect Mechanical Helpers and the Flowers? Currently Flowers are only available for collection during the full moon event or for purchase with Diamonds. Mechanical Helpers are not available for collection at all.
    Again, this is something that could greatly affect the balance of the game. It is in consideration but balance issues would need to be researched.

    GF.19 Will you give the player the ability to select multiple posts to delete from their wall at one time?
    Our developers are looking into the possibility of this function and if we can facilitate in a future update.

    GF.20 Will you increase/change the bonus for visiting daily?
    The bonuses will remain as they have been with no increase/decrease.

    GF.21 Will you increase the level of reputation above 51?
    We’re looking into expanding the reputation level, but again, research will need to be done to see the impact it could have on the gameplay balance.

    GF.22 Will you increase the drop rate of items needed for certain quests or achievements. (e.g. oil cans
    continue to drop at extremely low rate)
    This is in consideration for a future update. However, the point of rare items is to encourage regular gameplay and interactions throughout the game, so it is unlikely.

    GF.23 Will you change the gifts received screen to provide the player a way to visit or write to the person who sent the gift? (Something similar to how the Request Gift appears on the wall, a running list that we can keep track of.)

    Our developers are looking into adding this functionality in a future update.

    GF.25 Will you put a limit on the amount of experience required to level up at high levels? (50,000 exp has been suggested)
    Like many other games that deal with experience and leveling up (such as role-playing games like World of Warcraft), becoming a truly high-level character takes more dedication than just getting to level 2. Since this is a key factor in the gameplay, we will not be changing this.

    GF.26 Will you be modifying your Q/A process to ensure that new releases are compatible with iPad1?

    Game Insight regularly tests products on all current models of handsets/tablets and we strive to ensure flawless backwards compatibility with older models. Specific attention has been paid to older models of handsets/tablets in the past and we will continue to QA those products thoroughly.

    GF.27 Will you change the Banker profession to include random dropping of diamonds, because currently players do not want their help since there is very little use for coins?
    This is in consideration for a future update. However, it is unlikely due to potential balance issues.

    GF.28 Will you add a notification when a gift is received? (the same red circle with the # in it like on the wall would be perfect)
    Our developers are looking into adding this functionality in a future update.

    GF.29 Will you make the mystery gifts different according to a player’s level range? For example, levels 1-50 get one set of mystery gifts, 51-100 get additional set of gifts, and so on.

    Keeping mystery drops open to all levels ensures that players have the chance to receive items/objects they may need. Tiering mystery gifts may cut out certain players and make them miss out on a much-needed item.


    G.1 Will you increase the limit of 10 collection items a day?

    Again, this is a balance and rarity issue. The collection items are limited to 10 per day to ensure gameplay pace is balanced. The rarity keeps it fair and encourages daily play.
    G.2 Will you change the order of the Send Collection window so that the items appear in the same order as the collections?

    Our developers are looking into including this functionality in a later update.
    G.3 Will you change the window where the player selects a friend to request an item from, so friends who have already been asked do not appear until they can be asked again?

    Our developers are looking into including this functionality in a later update.
    G.4 Will you sort the request a gift screen by level?

    Our developers are looking into including this functionality in a later update.
    G.5 Will you give the player the ability to drop the gift counter with coins?

    Again, this is a gameplay balance issue that may disrupt the flow of gameplay. However, our developers are researching to see if it is possible.
    G.6 Will you remove the one gift per friend limit?

    Again, the limit is to prevent spamming and keep gameplay balanced, while we’re looking into possibly expanding this limit to multiples, at this time the plan is to keep it the same.
    G.7 Will you give players the ability to accept all gifts and send all thank you gifts at one time?

    Our developers are looking into including this functionality during a later update.
    G.8 Will you change the thank you gift to automatically be sent when accepting gifts?

    Since players are actively gifting other players, we think it’s reasonable that the other player should have the option of sending a thank you gift or not. This feature will remain the same.
    G.9 Will you restore the tapping area of gifts back to the entire picture, rather than the words Take and Thank?

    Our developers are looking into changing this, though due to game optimization issues, it may not be possible. Further research is being conducted to see the impact on gameplay performance and if this can make a return.
    G.10 Will you give players the ability to gift anything they have earned to include artifacts, keys, and charms?

    Again, this is a gameplay balance issue. Our developers are looking into the effects this may have on gameplay and whether we can implement this during a later update.
    G.11 Will you correct the charge item description to include the level required to gift?

    Our developers are looking into including this functionality during a later update.
    G.12 Will you give players the ability to sell an item back to the store for diamonds or coins?

    Again, this is a game balance issue, and selling back items might skew the game’s internal economy. This is unlikely to be implemented.

    G.13 Will you add a slider bar to the side of the Send Collection and Send Gift windows or put a confirm button that the player wants to send an item?

    Our developers are looking into including this functionality during a later update.


    C.1 When will the cost to purchase diamonds be reduced? Example 30 diamonds cost $3.99 in the USA, this means that to purchase keys to search a room on expert (requiring 50 keys) you would have to spend $8 for less than a minute of play.
    The cost of diamonds has remained the same since the launch of the game. We constantly add new content for high-level players to explore, and higher-level challenges are more difficult to master, just like in other level-based games. The price of diamonds will remain the same as it has always been, but we are looking into special promotions and sale options during key dates. As always, these offers are shared via the iPad app and our social media channels.

    C.2 Will you explain the economics of banishing any roamers that cost diamonds? For example, the Dark Adept and Priestess of Chaos together require 12 banishes. Each banishment costs 24 diamonds. They have to be banished 10 times. Therefore, we need to buy 2,880 diamonds. $100 for 750 diamonds if the leprechaun is not in my manor. So would need almost $400 just for one quest.
    Mystery Manor is a free-to-play game with optional in-game purchases, and like other games of this sort, the choice to purchase premium currency is up to the user. Are some of these banishment quests expensive? Yes, they are. Are they 100% necessary to complete the game? No, they are not. Banishing roamers are added as additional methods to collect rare items with higher drop rates than other creatures/quests, but are not a requirement to play the game. If you choose to use these more-difficult methods, you’ll face a steeper challenge. Again, special discounts and promotional offers on premium currency are offered regularly through the app itself and in our community via social media.

    C.4 When will there be more items from the store to purchase using coins?

    Our developers are looking into the possibility of expanding our coin-paid offers in the store. As we’ve said, there are a lot of delicate game balance issues at play, and we strive to keep the game as enjoyable and balanced as possible at all times. While we can’t promise anything at the moment, we are looking into some options.
    C.5 Where do you plan on making changes that will allow players to earn diamonds in the game, besides when leveling up?
    We are including a special weekend quest that will give players diamonds through Facebook interactions. This quest will launch in early September with a new update release. We are also looking into other options to offer more premium rewards. Please stay tuned.

    C.6 Will you make a new collection that when charged will reward the player with diamonds?
    Our developers are looking into this as a feasible solution to offering diamonds, but further research must be done. While this idea is being considered by our developers, for now, collection charges will remain the same.

    C.8 Will you create a new creature in the game that when banished will drop diamonds?
    This is another possibility that our developers are considering. Since we constantly design new content and quests to the game, we will add this to the list of new types of content to consider to see if it’s a viable, balanced solution.

    C.10 Will you increase the number of diamonds earned as player continues to level up? (i.e. levels 1-50 earn 5 diamonds, 51-99 earns 6 diamonds, 100-150 earns 7 diamonds, etc.)
    We are looking into the possibility of increasing this, but until further research on balancing issues is performed, we cannot make any promises. Our development team is looking into it and considering it for future updates.

    C.11 Will you allow diamonds to be used to purchase coins?

    Unfortunately, we are in the same situation as above with purchasing diamonds. Sorry.

    C.12 Apply policy 11.1 states: Apps that unlock or enable additional features or functionality with mechanisms other than the App Store will be rejected (this is the policy GI said made them remove friend codes)

    Like other games available on iOS that require in game currency, it appears as though they have the item that is purchased in-app tied to an item that is not used in the game. Instead, the purchased item is then exchanged for consumable items used in the game. EXAMPLE: Instead of purchasing X amount of diamonds from the App store, you would purchase different valued "gems" So if you wanted to spend $4 you would buy a "sapphire" that then could be traded in the game for either diamonds or coins)

    Why has GI not used this model in Mystery Manor? If items purchased in-app cannot be earned/gifted, how can you justify the diamonds that are earned when user levels up? This also goes for coins. Coins can be purchased so how can they be earned through the game and as rewards for collections? Wouldn't this be a violation of the 11.1 policy as well? Is GI looking at changing what is purchased through Apple In-App Store so that it is completely in compliance with this policy.

    Aside from keeping compliant with the most recent rules and regulations for mobile apps, we feel that this sort of thing would also become an inconvenience to players (who would have to take extra steps to convert currency to currency to currency). This is why we are investigating alternatives to help get players bonus diamonds, such as the weekend events that will be coming with the fall update.

    We'll add some more answers tomorrow.
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    Here it is Empty Re: Here it is

    Post  ami m Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:14 pm

    Thanks. My apologies; didn't think to do it that way. Smile

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    Post  mariahorn Fri Aug 24, 2012 6:58 pm

    In summary, the answer to everything was it is being looked into, or will be researched, or no. Realistically, is it fair to state that their answers to everything basically translate to no being the answer, but they said they'll research how it affects gameplay etc etc to try to keep a few people around, knowing that if they just said a blatant no there would be a max exodus of users. Did I interpret this right?
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    Here it is Empty Re: Here it is

    Post  ami m Fri Aug 24, 2012 7:05 pm

    Yep, that's how I'm reading it, too.

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