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    Incorrect level requirements for gift items


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    Incorrect level requirements for gift items Empty Incorrect level requirements for gift items

    Post  jasonharper Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:00 pm

    Sending gift requests to friends who aren't of sufficiently high level to give it is a waste of both your and their time - and was hard to avoid in the past due to inconsistent indication of the required level in the item descriptions. The game has gotten a LOT better about this in the last couple of updates, but digging around in the game database shows that there are still a few items where the actual level requirement doesn't match the description:

    Incorrect level requirements for gift items Gifts_10

    (I'm not sure if those first seven items are currently available in the game.)

    To verify this, I recently assembled the Intergalactic Beacon and Alien Language Decoder, using these levels to choose friends to ask for the parts. In particular, I received all of the required projectors and microphones from friends no higher than level 50, so the stated requirement of level 199 is clearly bogus.

    (NOT reported to GI, because their "fix" would most likely be to raise the actual level requirements to match the descriptions.)

    EDIT: since the image is getting chopped off on the right, stated level requirement for the Spade Shovel is 169.

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    Incorrect level requirements for gift items Empty Re: Incorrect level requirements for gift items

    Post  skiptx Thu Nov 08, 2012 4:13 pm

    I have one friend whose only interaction with me is to daily request an item that requires level 99, like aspen or bullets. I'm only level 50 and it's clearly stated that those objects require 99, so it's really annoying. Once or twice I could write off to a misfingering, but every day is clearly intentional.

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