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    New update 16/11


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    Post  Soozicle Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:15 am

    Just came by to see if there was any hubub about the Facebook thing. I only open MM once a day or so to return wall charger requests... but now every time I open it (since I always close it all the way down now) I'm being forwarded to FB.

    It really is unimaginable to me how they've crapped this game up since July. Okay okay, fix the "cheats" but really... first it was the warning to restore your energy constantly popping up even when your energy was at 100%, then ads for other games, then the store just pops up directly, and now you're forced into Facebook? And that's on top of extremely heavy restrictions (and even new ones tightening gifting down even harder) and features that don't work exactly right... buh bye GI, I'm playing FOUND now exclusively.

    It's frustrating trying to play a game like this without friends (I feel like I'm perpetually stuck in that first two month period I played MM without adding friends), but I'm trying to run out ahead of most of you guys to document everything before you get there. Gracie and I are working on it and we're both almost to level 40, with about 30 or so more quests left to document. Here's the link for when you decide to head over:

    Note: Just like in MM, there are multiple quest "threads" but only six open slots on the screen to show them... so we have to document it like there is only one quest thread as one finishes and the next pops up. This means that the exact quest order will vary player to player but this will at least show you what will be coming up soon, and what future rewards you can expect for achievements, etc.

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