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    Searching Rooms.


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    Searching Rooms. Empty Searching Rooms.

    Post  CheezerWhizzer Sun May 26, 2013 10:50 am

    As a very high level player, I get multiple requests from low level players for collection items. They just ask; they don't offer a trade. Sometimes I'm fine with it. I have about 40 Lover's Ikebanas and I'm happy to give them away. That's a tough quest.

    With the new rooms, quests don't seem to have the same order that they used to have, going from simple kitchen quests all the way through opening the Oceanic Room. The anniversary quests, the boss fights and the mystical living room quests seem to have been dumped on everyone at once.

    Now I'm getting gift requests for really rare items or things of which I only have one. Quite of few of those items were room drops/single quest items that can't be repeated. For example, if I have a quest to charge X-collection and those items come from certain rooms in certain modes, I work to make sure I have two of every item before I charge. I like having complete collections.

    I'm getting very low level players who are asking for those items and when I've said "No, you really should search rooms to get those items" I'm being insulted. Pretty viciously insulted. Now, I don't care about the insults, really. I've been called worse by better and all that. What does both me is the utter laziness of it.

    I just can't emphasize enough for players, especially those under level 150, how important it is to SEARCH ROOMS. Searching rooms gives you weapons, which lets you banish things, which leads to room keys and finishing of quests, like the dreaded oil can quest or the full moon quests. Searching rooms gives experience, which lets you level which increases your energy and strength. Searching rooms gives you collection items, which you can use to get energy items, coins and charms. All of which are very important. Searching rooms helps you complete achievements, which gives you more good stuff.

    Everything about this game is designed to force you to search rooms. It absolutely gets boring. That's why the addition of Zodiac mode is fun.

    It just seems that if people don't want to search rooms, this probably isn't the game for them.

    Sorry to vent my frustration, but really, NO, you can't have my lurking goat.


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    Searching Rooms. Empty Re: Searching Rooms.

    Post  zin Mon May 27, 2013 12:05 pm

    I understand your frustration, I don't mind helping out but sending stuff to help just to get the same thing back is pointless, or to be sent something to just return, that chews into my 10 a day which I use to return favours or send to people who have something they may be able to send me. If I have the item I will send it and you send me something I want back please!

    Look at my collection items, not just the ones on my wishlist, send me something useful doesn't have to be a high level thing, a mask from the African room for example or a rabbit for charging brooms, something I am low on of course, dont send me my 75th bunny or 20th mask , something in low single digits is fine, you are then automatically on my gift return list, I will send you a collection item on your wish list when I reset or if you ask me for something.


    Ask me if I want something if I help you and you can't help with my wl I will either say not to worry or ask you for something which you have in your collections, if you can send it great, if not then no worries! Once I helped someone who needed something for a quest, I asked for something they had in abundance in return as they couldn't help with my wl and they never bothered. Few weeks later they ask for something again. I just delete the wall post and carry on.

    I can't agree with your lurking goat comment, you don't need those collection items anymore, sure you don't like to see a collection empty but I see it differently, I can't wait to give out the Xmas collections for example, it's an easy trade for me, I'd rather give a toy bear than a zodiac item.

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    Searching Rooms. Empty Re: Searching Rooms.

    Post  lynnhas Tue May 28, 2013 11:22 am

    I agree with Cheezerwhizzer 100%! I too am a higher level player and everyday I get 2 to 3 requests for a rare item from "friends" who don't even bother to visit me and gift a charger on my wall! Many times the only way to get the collection item is through the quest. I also don't rush through these types of quests and make sure I get multiples of each item. I think when a player just asks me for the item, that player is wasting an opportunity to get the item him- or herself. I usually ignore these types of requests, too.

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    Searching Rooms. Empty Re: Searching Rooms.

    Post  Katyc Tue May 28, 2013 7:58 pm

    Haha "NO, you can't have my lurking goat" made me giggle:)

    I'm a fairly high level player (323) and I have to say my gifting 'style' changes constantly. There are a few very good friends who I always gift daily,regardless. The other x10 gifts I actually prefer to give out to lower level players - if I ever see a friend with ikebana, fillet, booze or robots on their WL, I have loads and don't need them so it's theirs and I will try to remember to visit them after reset! But will post a note asking them to remind me!
    I must be very lucky with all my friends (from lvl 18 upto lvl 600) - quite a few ask for collection items, but they always visit and tip and gift a charger from my WL. Most ask very politely if they need help "can you please spare etc..." and also most ask what they can offer as a trade - there is always something I'm low on and I don't want to search the bathroom for a monkey wrench!

    I did cull one friend who kept repeatedly asking for rare collection items, this when the zodiac quests just came out (this is when I change my gifting, new quests or rooms) then my 10 gifts were all used up for a while swapping with friends of a similar level on the same quests as we all had them but previously collected don't count or helping out with gaps.

    No one has asked me for my goat (lurking or otherwise!) and if I got any type of abuse - delete!

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    Searching Rooms. Empty Re: Searching Rooms.

    Post  helian Thu May 30, 2013 5:04 pm

    I don't write often but had to login to add my 2¢ in since I very much agree with this post (and several others of Cheezer’s that I've seen).

    I am also a higher level player (400+) and often feel conflicted about my 'friends'. Honestly, I am very happy with a large group of the real playing friends that I have. Whether I've been with them for over a year, or they are newer, I have very many friends that play the way that I do and make the game very enjoyable, and the quests much more manageable.

    That being said, my friend list continues to dwindle due to inactive and very infrequent players. Add to that players that I delete for not playing weapons during a boss fight that they invited me too.

    But there are actions that also indicate to me that the way I think about this game is not compatible with some other players. Aside from exploring the rooms themselves, there are other things that I wish all players, but especially newer players would consider:

    Just because someone is a higher level than you, does not mean that they are “rich.” Yes, people have told me that I’m “rich” in the game and must have lots of diamonds to throw around in order to complete quests and buy chests. I’m not! I’ve never used real money on this game (for myriad stubborn reasons). Everything I’ve gotten has been earned playing rooms, banishing monsters and with the help of generous friends (that I try to repay in kind). To date, I think I have bought a whopping 9 chests.

    As a corollary of not being rich in MM, I very rarely squander diamonds in order to drop the counter. Therefore, I have only 10 gifts to give every day JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. I reserve those gifts to repay people that help me with the collection items on my wish list. If I have extra slots, I entertain requests for a trade and will take lesser but helpful items in order to help someone out with their wish list. After that, I have a posse of loyal lower-level players that I know are working through quests that I help without any expectation of a return gift.

    So if you offer a trade, I may or may not be up for it depending on my gift volume. I may have to wait awhile to respond to your request, to see if I’ll have room for a trade. I’ve also been flipping zodiac gifts still for people finishing those quests.

    As a scientist I give out tips and chargers freely to anyone who leaves me a note. I keep a mental note of those who come to help me often (even in this small way), and that is how I remember to keep an eye out for them in future too as a loyal friend. Developing that relationship takes time. But I most certainly do not need an invitation to check out someone’s wish list. I don’t know who ever started that, but it’s not a good idea in my book. Other people don’t mind it though, so…

    It’s especially bad to me when I get this request and am just left with some tips and/or a charger or a collection item that I have absolutely no use for (dozens in inventory). It often happens that I do not have items to give on my friends’ wish lists when I am trying to repay them. That’s when I search their collections for items that they are low on: holes, single-digit inventory, or even items for the collections that they seem to enjoy charging the most. If someone likes flares and has charged a flare-gathering collection 200 times, I help them there. I know they will use it eventually. For many, it’s collection 60. I wish more people took the time.

    As I said, everyone plays differently, and I know the game can be very difficult for lower-level people trying to make their way up. I have not forgotten what it’s like. But I have only ever once asked a high-level friend for a gift: I was ripping my hair out over the Heart of Africa quest for a couple of months and could not progress. I was playing the room well into expert level and still did not find one compass. I finally swallowed my pride and asked my highest-level friend (that I had been visiting and tipping daily for months) if there is anything she would consider trading for a compass to help me past this. She generously gave me 5. I truly believe in helping all my friends like that if I can, but I find it hard to respect those who don’t hesitate to ask without establishing some relationship of loyalty and/or offering a fair trade.

    While I’m still cautious to hit the X, I used to hesitate more in deleting people. But now I realize that you have to have friends that play the game in a way that is compatible with you, or else it just causes stress. I simply don’t want to see someone’s name pop up on my wall that annoys me. They have other friends and can find more easily on Facebook.

    In the old days, I was a generous MG player looking for friends to throw ikebana and flying monkeys at. I can’t do that much now, so I hope people understand.

    I’ve been looking for more friends that play like me. I’ve never put my code on Facebook, and mostly finds new friends now through other friends I trust. If you get what I’m saying and could use another friend, PM me your friend code.

    [rant complete]

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    Searching Rooms. Empty Different stroke for different folks

    Post  paulinelhg Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:21 pm

    Hi all,

    Really interesting topic this is proving to be Wink))

    Its so helpful to read from different perspective and I believe I hv mine to share

    I have been playing MM for a year plus and attained 160plus. Initially I am attracted by the challenges and the mystery you hav to solve. But no thanks to GI money grubbing attitude , they change game play as n when they like, not sure if old timer like me still remember how the pointer works? With the clear yeloow light illuminating items, Searching room is a breeze then. And we can buy it with coins!!!

    For the last few months, I have been focusing on helping new players... Thus I actively look out for people stuck with beautiful ikebanas, entertaining monkies, alcohols, steak, miso soup n pliers, not forgetting pirates... Zodiac exchange is no problem too! Find that helping others gives me more Joy than searching rooms

    Lastly, I try to keep my friends list small n manageable, so I do delete inactive friends. I haven't receive any abuse before. Although I did receive request for rare items ( some collections are no longer findable) and I had to reject as I like a complete set, with some buffer. There were times when new players, in their adrenaline rush, in this oh so addictive game, ask for items I have extra of, and didn't offer a fair trade. But by n large, most of the players I meet in MM are fantastic , fabulous and generous. Thanks to all my friends I cleared so many quests n have a great time Wink

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    Searching Rooms. Empty Re: Searching Rooms.

    Post  CheezerWhizzer Sat Jun 01, 2013 1:18 pm

    I'm not to helian's level, but I'm well over level 300. I get those comments and insinuations that I'm "rich" too. I've been playing over a year and while there are certain game names I recognize and identify as "nice" and "rare collection item worthy", I couldn't say I've developed any real friendships from Mystery Manor. That's my choice. The game requires us to have "friends" to get chargers, spend strength, and send gifts for achievements. Having friends' manors where I can banish their roamers also lets me make my manor more inviting by making it full of gypsies or filling it up with the harder to find full moon roamers. I'm happy to do that.

    I just don't play internet games to interact or develop relationships with people. I play internet games to escape from social interaction. So I routinely delete without reply messages like "How are you today?" I'll go to that person's manor, wake or tip (I'm a scientist) and leave a gift if I can. That doesn't mean I want to stick around and get to know them.

    I routinely add lower level players from the rotating 4 Add player screen. I always go to their manors, tip and give them a gift. I give away horses a lot to players under 30 so they can complete the horse shoe quests. I give away a lot of bird milk. I never leave a message. Leaving a message says "Come to my manor and do something nice for me." I don't want to inflict them with that responsibility.

    In fact, I don't think I've ever left a message when I've just out of the blue gifted someone. I gave them that gift because I felt like being nice. It's a random act of kindness that in no way needs reciprocated.

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    Searching Rooms. Empty Re: Searching Rooms.

    Post  Sablesrgreat Sat Jun 01, 2013 2:14 pm

    I agree with Pauline, we all have different things we enjoy about the game. I am a very non-competitive person. I hate the boss rooms! I have only been in 2 or 3 battles and have no intention of buying keys. If I have enough so be it, I'll join, but not going out of my to do so. I just let those collections sit empty.

    I do also enjoy helping the lower level players because it helped me so much along the way to friends that helped me with items I just couldn't seem to locate. I have tried to always offer trades or else just borrowing and returning the items as I did for the dreaded Neptune and Emerald quests. I keep my list small because I don't want to have to scroll through a million names....not sure how some people with 800-1000 friends stand it! I also want to have enough strength to help them frequently and not just once a month or so.

    I enjoy the notes and messages left, it just feels polite and it jogs my memory as to who to be sure and help first with whatever strength I have. I play the game for relaxation in the evenings, and do not stress about leveling you or attaining certain quest immediately so the social aspect is part of it to me. I have tried to be a good frind to those on my list, but If other players don't like playing that way it is fine with me if they delete me, I understand, most players probably have more competitive drive than I do. tongue

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    Searching Rooms. Empty Re: Searching Rooms.

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