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    I have been banned from MM

    Pop pops

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    I have been banned from MM Empty I have been banned from MM

    Post  Pop pops Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:38 am

    I have been banned from MM because I spoke my mind about inconsistency, first of all they said I used obscene language I will say that I am a 58 year old Christian disabled man and have a good command of the English language,.then they changed their mind and sent me the two posts they found offensive which were about game insight getting their act together and sorting out the game issues !!!!!!! Well I never so please if you decide to post on their forum any detrimental post they will ban you.
    Surely in this day and age we are aloud to say how we feel particularly when this game is not free and in some cases you have to buy currency to progress, all the forum rules are in the favour of game insight and this is not fair.

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