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Harper Seven is BANNED
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    Yes I was BANNED!

    Harper Seven is BANNED
    Harper Seven is BANNED

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    Yes I was BANNED!  Empty Yes I was BANNED!

    Post  Harper Seven is BANNED Thu Oct 18, 2012 6:02 pm

    Miss you all and lots of luv to all my besties in game. I have been blessed with many great friends! I want to say thank you for making MM, which is such a poor excuse for programming, a fun adventure! I have gotten lots of pm's and concerns from all my friends it's very heart warming. Big hugs and sloppy kisses back @ ya!

    They are refusing to unban me. It seems final. Just wanted to let my friends know and answer all the questions in one place all at's getting kinda repetitive but i do want to express my gratitude for all the support it's overwhelming and so kind of you all!

    Here is the novel I wrote to GI:

    Dearest Valentina,   

    It is unfortunate you have reached such a drastic conclusion in error. 

    I will again ask for the portion of the current published terms of service that I have violated? I have played this game since its release and have read the terms many times through out my game play. It was illegally revised in late July as no change of date was made to the terms. It was changed  to reflect terms that were considered illegal actions in the game, or cheats regarding the "glitch" of multi-gifting. When the game was re-designed to omit that action of multi gifting with the cancel button those terms were then removed from the service agreement but the revision date remains 08February 2012.  Again an illegal action, as no revision date was made. 

    I have again read and reviewed the Terms of Service and fail to see anything that I have violated in these ever changing, all inclusive, broad sweeping and fraudulently altered to your own specific needs at the time Terms of Service published revision date as 08 February 2012.

     I will repeat I have done nothing that is not allowed in current game design! I did not create the poor technical  design and programming that allowed players to added infinite diamonds with friend codes, use a freeze technique,  banish infinite monsters, multi-gift with a cancel button, multi return wall items, multi send wall requests....all these things were allowable in the game design!  There was no special programs, hacking or tricks involved!!  They were legitimate actions allowed by and in the game program design. Perhaps a redesign or re-programming is a more  appropriate response to the technical errors in the game design??

     Banning players now and as you did in the past with Gibby for using the freeze screen infinite banishing technique in his game play, only shows your own inability to create and maintain a quality game without technical challenges and game imperfections. You choose to hide behind the loosely worded, illegally changed without proper revisions noted, Terms of Service. 

    Well, your "service" is lacking in every area and aspect. You have created a game that for many is unplayable due to technical issues that you can't seem to figure out and the support for players issues is the most unresponsive or idiotic suggestions for restoring games I have ever heard. 

    I had a game I was unable to update due to a technical issue with the server side of the game. And YES!!   I did back up my game!!!  I back up all applications and data on my iPad on a regular basis.  My game crashes regularly and I have restored it MANY times. Your own technical support offers players help with deleting crash files and restoring games. Which I have done to try and "fix" my game. Yes, it restores it to the state you last saved it at. That's the point of saving data! You did not request any type of data regarding any of my crashes or any type of data from my game what so ever,  you presumed restoring my game to saved data was illicit. 

     In contrast to your inconceivable conduct, through out my entire use of your service, I always conducted myself within the guidelines that were set in the terms of service and did NOTHING other than play the game within the actions allowable by the game design.  I have never used any type of hacking program or "hack in game currency" as your pop up states, I have never adjusted my time to "time cheat - 3 times" as your other pop up states and have never gotten a warning of time cheat the 1st or 2nd time but am accused of doing it 3 times now, never happened once. I have never had any other players complain about me and I take this as a LIBELOUS statement about me due to your spreading this message to all my friends and through out the entire game.  And lastly, I have never "duplicated" diamonds, my diamonds were legitimately obtained, the amount has not increased to more than what I had in August, in fact they have decreased greatly, as I had over 7,000 then and have 3,971 now. 

    Game Insight and 17 bullets have created a game that once was brilliant. Yes, there were many design flaws as this was a new endeavor in the gaming industry for you all, it seems this game and we as players were one huge beta testing opportunity. Well done. As the application gained players the programming became worse with each update. It became obvious to players  the focus was on revenue rather than game development and creating a quality product. 

    You changed the game design by removing the friends code reward of diamonds and dishonestly and falsely accused Apple for requiring the change. And stated game balance reasons for other changes made to increase your revenue. We all know that was a complete false statement made with the deliberate intent to deceive and give the impression Apple required this change. You continue to perpetrate this inaccurate and false statement. 

    Mystery Manor is advertised as an ABSOLUTELY FREE game. I do understand there may be a misinterpretation of the words absolutely and free. So I will provide you with those as they are published in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.  

    Absolute: having no restriction, exception, or qualification 

    Free: not costing or charging anything, unrestricted 

    As you are well aware your  ABSOLUTLEY FREE game is not playable in its current game design! Many can not even log into the game. And the biggest misconception everyone has is that players  can NOT advance or play the game to its potential and design without making in game purchases which have been altered for the sole reason of increased revenue.  

    With each update there are more quests added for the sole purpose of revenues and obviously without proper testing before releasing.  This once brilliant game that we as players were more than happy to support with our time and purchases at one time has been ruined with your greed. 

    PLAYERS CAN NOT ADVANCE or even play the game as it was meant to be played in its current design WITHOUT MAKING PURCHASES! Stating the game is absolutely free is a complete intentional misrepresentation and deliberate false statement made to lure players into downloading the game which you then fraudulently over inflate your ratings in the App Store by bribing players to give a positive review for a reward of diamonds. All quite deceptive business practices, but clearly allowed by your loosely worded all inclusive fraudulently changed Terms of Service for the game. 

    I have many friends in this game and would like to thank you for creating a social game where the players became so disgusted and outraged with the lack of customer service,  proper public relations responses to issues and blatant greed by Game Insight that we have created our own community. 

    I will continue to voice my concerns over your fraudulent business practices and unfair treatment of players as you can only ban my UDID from being used again, I assure you I will recover from your illegitimate banning of my game. 

    In closing,  I will repeat I have done nothing that is not allowed in current game design! 

    This banning of my game only illustrates your own inability to create and maintain a quality game without technical challenges and game imperfections. Why fix the game design when you can opt for an easier option of banning players especially if you have players who ignorantly continue to make in game purchases. They will all soon discover just as veteran players have that Game Insight is focused solely on revenue rather than creating quality applications deserving of revenue.  

    You are a poor excuse for a game development and design company. It's quite shameful how loosely your interpretation of  terms have justified you in unjustly banning myself and other players all for playing a game within the parameters of your own game design. Shameful and unconscionable and most of all unlawful. 


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    Post  kelli_ Thu Oct 18, 2012 7:04 pm

    Harper, I PM'd you.

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    Post  ycul Thu Oct 18, 2012 11:25 pm

    Well said Harper 7. Sorry you were banned. Sad

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    Post  Guest Sat Oct 20, 2012 10:39 am

    Sorry you were banned. I have stickied this thread because of the hard work you put into your response to GI and to allow all new users to see the truth about GI and the actions they take against players.

    Maj. G
    Maj. G

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    Yes I was BANNED!  Empty Harper...omg! Very well stated!

    Post  Maj. G Sat Oct 20, 2012 3:41 pm

    I'm so sorry! I am appalled, but unfortunately, not surprised either. I miss you already! I'm just waiting for the guillotine to fall on me. I'm sure it won't be a dead beat non-spender, I have no value to them. Your letter was FABULOUS! Suitable for publication.... And it is! Ha! At least we cannot be silenced....

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    Post  juliebug Sat Oct 20, 2012 4:57 pm

    Very well written. You beautifully expressed your frustration. I'm so sorry it happened.

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    Post  Juliette11 Wed Jan 02, 2013 8:41 pm

    This scares me
    Addicted Unbanned
    Addicted Unbanned

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    Post  Addicted Unbanned Tue Jan 22, 2013 8:36 am

    And no one rebels or riots to Apple to ban them out of app store!
    Each one wants to play and awaits an axe!

    I hope one day some crazy oligarch will reach level 200+ and gets whatever coincidence.
    I hope he will just drive up to there and scrubmle an omelet out of top 5 listed managers.
    Tis will be the story on the news ! Big one!

    Perhaps, we shall assemble some donations and send few iPads for the sons of... Jirinovsky?
    With MM installed and up to level ... 30...

    How wicked I am today... I wanna ban them too. They are snatching pirates known not to trade fairly, to be eliminated...
    I wonder why apple does not want to take them put of picture?
    Pop pops

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    Post  Pop pops Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:41 am

    I have been banned from MM because I spoke my mind about inconsistency, first of all they said I used obscene language I will say that I am a 58 year old Christian disabled man and have a good command of the English language,.then they changed their mind and sent me the two posts they found offensive which were about game insight getting their act together and sorting out the game issues !!!!!!! Well I never so please if you decide to post on their forum any detrimental post they will ban you.
    Surely in this day and age we are aloud to say how we feel particularly when this game is not free and in some cases you have to buy currency to progress, all the forum rules are in the favour of game insight and this is not fair.
    Pop pops

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    Post  Pop pops Sun Aug 17, 2014 9:45 am

    What I find amusing is they ban you from the forum and not the game !!!!! What's that all about ? I suppose that they still expect you to buy their currency LOL I don't think so.
    It's about time that we had a revolution like the one they had in Russia.

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    Post  Poppy Mon Jun 01, 2015 2:53 am

    I'm a little late here, but SO well said.
    Especially the parts about them wanting our money. It is a brilliant game, now so flawed by greed it sickens me.

    Hope they read every word you wrote. Are u still banned?

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    Yes I was BANNED!  Empty Re: Yes I was BANNED!

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