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    Friends list GONE


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    Friends list GONE Empty Friends list GONE

    Post  RedMouse12 Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:52 am

    I recently purchased the new iPad. I did my restore from back up. Synced my app and now ALL MY FRIENDS ARE GONE! Crying or Very sad

    I had a few friends that I was very attached to! (lol) Wink

    If u were friends with Redmouse03, I didn't delete u as a friend!!

    If ud like to add me, I'm level 83!! Smile

    My new friend code is f3f3a0

    Just wanted to update this...

    I filed the ticket with GI and they fixed everything with a week turn around. Everything is working properly and all my friends have returned. I just lost my helpers. I was even able to stay at the new level I reached when I first transferred the game. Smile

    Thank you for all your help! Smile

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    •Vicki bans GI•
    •Vicki bans GI•

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    Friends list GONE Empty Re: Friends list GONE

    Post  •Vicki bans GI• Mon Oct 01, 2012 3:13 pm

    You may need to contact GI support with the UDIDs of your old iPad and your new iPad so they can transfer your game registration over as per this post:

    This post also offers some useful advice:

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