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April 11
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    Did you lose all your helper?


    What level are you

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    Did you lose all your helper? - Page 3 Empty Time for a little, she said, she said...

    Post  Sharbee Thu Nov 22, 2012 7:32 pm

    I said. - Hello Mary
    Thank you for your reply. However, it has not answered my question. I know how to get helpers back, I had done it over 4 times after they repeatedly went missing during your 'week' of disruption prior to the recent update. I have a new set of helpers now, but not my original ones which I had selected for their abilities.

    You said - Due to technical works on the game server such social features as visiting friends, using codes, sending gifts, etc., were temporarily unavailable. By now, all limitations have been removed and you can freely enjoy the game process.

    1. Why didn't you inform people before this happened? I check your Facebook page often, there was NO WARNING? I would not have then activated valuable artifacts & charms, which were completely wasted as I could not play for over a week! It was YOUR servers down, not my broadband connection at fault.

    2. What are you going to do to rectify this? 20 diamonds do not replenish the Games Torch, turtles & flower artifacts ( costing 50 diamonds each golden flower!) which I used! I have screenshots to prove this if you need to see them. My wall clearly shows when the issues appeared & disrupted my gameplay.

    And here is my second reply.

    Mary Lempp, Nov 22 11:40 (MSK):
    I should inform you that we have no opportunity to restore all your previous helpers but you can always have new ones. Maybe they will be even better than the previous ones.

    The fact that you have already rescued 4 helpers means that you are on the right way. I am very glad that you succeeded in it.

    Note that locked helper can be in any room even in the Crypt, Secret Island, Pirate Brig, Flying Saucer and so on. This game feature were carefully checked by our specialists and I can assure you that all helpers in the game will appear.

    So keep playing, exploring rooms and I am sure you will succeed.

    Keep at it, it will pay off!

    After future update helpers will be locked in regular 15 rooms.

    I understand your reaction to the difficulties you faced when playing our game and I would like to thank you for drawing our attention to this matter.

    The compensation of 20 diamonds is assigned to you so that you could comfortably continue the game. While moving on, you will receive various bonuses that will also help you to develop the game faster.
    We are sure that this compensation is enough as a first step on the way of bringing your game to prosperity and we have no doubt that you will quickly reach and improve your results!


    *She misread my helpers recovery, done x4, not 4 helpers Mary. Lost in translation....similarly, I'd arranged my helpers.
    * Notifying players in advance of server disruption seems to have passed her by. Playing other online games, they notify in advance and shut down the servers. Irritating this too can be, but it does save losing/ wasting valuables. Surely, that's what their FB is for!
    * The 20 diamonds compensation is in their view enough. It was a reasonably good gesture from GI, who rarely give anything.
    * Future helpers will be found in regular rooms. Well, that's an improvement.

    All in all, I think I've probably had the most direct reply I could wish for. Here again a lot of scripted similarities to other people's, but at the end of the day, what's done is done and they are now busy rectifying other errors! Well, hopefully! Rolling Eyes

    Btw, I didn't get an extra 20 diamonds! That's the ones allocated to us after the week of Hell. I did check in hopeful anticipation, lol!


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    Did you lose all your helper? - Page 3 Empty Re: Did you lose all your helper?

    Post  Debinapril Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:15 am

    Hi, I posted on the other thread about how to get 15 helpers back.

    I hope it helps. Very Happy

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