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    Healing the General


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    Healing the General  Empty Healing the General

    Post  Sharbee Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:29 pm

    Just a few tips here, as I've learnt through many wasted Diamonds.

    Don't get excited first time in and buy a chest for 50 diamonds in order to get enough Banners to explore the new room. It's cheaper to give up searching & wait until you can restart a Heal event or join someone elses for 5 diamonds. It's much more Diamond efficient to wait it out & regather your friends prepared to come in with you.

    Don't be tempted to buy back in to Heal the General for only 2 Diamonds. You will still have to pay 5 in order to ener the bunker again if you don't have enough Knives. This option just overrides the 2 hour search time you have before you can enter again.

    Make sure your friend can heal 50% as there's no guarantee another will join. You only have 10 hits each & need to heal 3000 points.

    Those chocolate medals drop far & few between, regardless what charms & artifacts you use. And the exchange rate with Guardsmen & Knights is appalling. So basically, you have to pay diamonds to get those chests for the collections which can only be obtained through healing the General

    I hope the above may save you some diamonds.

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    Healing the General  Empty Re: Healing the General

    Post  Katyc Wed Jan 02, 2013 6:37 pm

    Good advice - and please,please please don't charge collection 149 even once - the healing items are SO much harder to get once you charge that collection. I wish I had a time machine to give me that advice (...or last weeks lottery numbers)

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