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    Leprechaun offer with chest


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    Leprechaun offer with chest Empty Leprechaun offer with chest

    Post  Arrowyn Mon May 20, 2013 10:39 pm

    I just took advantage of the Leprechaun discount offer to get 3 times what you buy for the same price. The offer included a chest with your purchase (5 copies of each item). I got a Collector's Casket which contained 4 more caskets, each containing 5 copies of each charger. When I opened the caskets, all the items were piled on top of each other (you know how that looks) & I couldn't see exactly what I got. This is what I think I got, but there are gaps. I'd appreciate it if someone could fill in the gaps or correct what I think I got. Thank you for any help.

    Novice Collector's Casket:
    - Schrodinger Jewelry Box
    - Klein Bottle
    - Schrodinger Box
    - Möbius Band
    - ??

    Experienced Collector's Casket:
    - ?? Some kind of key
    - Messing's Watch
    - Morgana's Mask
    - Sushi Chopsticks
    - ??

    Rarity Collector's Casket:
    - Basket for Flowers
    - Garlic
    - Apotropaic Charm
    - Silver Bullet
    - Pruners

    Brave Collector's Casket:
    - Glacial Knout
    - Snow Star
    - Necromancer's Rosary (I think)
    - ??

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