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    New boss room frustrations

    Rosie Hallahan

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    New boss room frustrations Empty New boss room frustrations

    Post  Rosie Hallahan Mon Oct 14, 2013 10:09 am

    When MM put the boss fight out for anyone to join I though it was a great idea to help get the achievements completed etc.  My frustration is that people are joining boss fights and not contributing to them.  For instance, I am currently in a hotel boss fight joined by 13 people.  4 of those people have contributed less than 500 towards the 23000, some nothing at all!! Another five, less than 1000.  

    I think this is unfair on two counts :-

    1) People who join boss fights and contribute nothing are stopping other people joining who perhaps would contribute more. (I have been in a fight where somebody has joined, added 50, closed the fight and stopped anyone else joining).

    2) People who are already in a fight have to contribute more to compensate for your shortfall.

    I don't think it really matters in the smaller boss fights, like the vampire or crypt, but I do think that it is unfair in the larger hotel and nightclub fights where weapons are rare and expensive.

    I don't think you should join these boss fights unless you are willing to at least contribute at least 10% toward the fight.

    Frustrations vented......Embarassed

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    New boss room frustrations Empty Re: New boss room frustrations

    Post  Abemom2 Tue Oct 15, 2013 2:16 pm

    Rosie I Agree with you! I wanted to share a weird experience to see if this has happened to anyone else!

    Last night I got invited to battle general krieg. I went to the boss tab to check on the status and could not find my friends fight, but there were several others listed. I tapped out, explored a couple rooms and closed the game. I did NOT click to join a fight or start one, and certainly never got the screen to play your weapons.

    This morning when I checked into game before work, I had an announcement that the battle was over, and was told to take my chest! There were 4 people listed in the battle and not a single weapon was played by anyone! I get a chest and room access for 2 hours. A little frustrating since I had limited time, but did at least fulfill the quest to defeat the general and explore the hyperion room.

    I did have the room opened as I have a quest for it, and it was one of the rooms that I had enough keys for the first stage. But I know I did not enter a battle, and I would have played if I did! Just wondering if anyone else has had this experience?

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