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    Gift Request From a Non-Friend


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    Gift Request From a Non-Friend Empty Gift Request From a Non-Friend

    Post  PegWalt Thu May 31, 2012 7:39 pm

    I've recently been receiving Charging Gift Requests on my wall from people who are not currently on my Friend list. The main way I know they aren't a Friend is that there is a Visit Button but not a Reply Button. If I click the Gift Button, it does go through. So, should this be able to be done, or is it one of those glitches? And, if it is something that can be done, where does this person "find" me at? At first I thought this person was on my Pending Friends list and they were "testing" me out to see if I would gift them before they accepted me as a friend. But that wasn't the case. Any thoughts on this?

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    Gift Request From a Non-Friend Empty Re: Gift Request From a Non-Friend

    Post  Camille Thu May 31, 2012 8:21 pm

    This happened to me a couple of weeks ago with two people - their requests were a couple of minutes apart. At first I thought that they had accepted my friend request, then they sent their gift request and immediately after that deleted me from their friend list. I sent the items, before realising I couldn't visit them, but a couple of hours later the visit button appeared next to their request. I haven't had a reoccurance of this particular glich since then.

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