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    Alcohol for new quests.


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    Alcohol for new quests. Empty Alcohol for new quests.

    Post  ycul Mon Aug 06, 2012 10:01 pm

    I just updated yesterday and I heard there are new quests for alcohol but that the ones already in your inventory don't count. Well if you haven't come to those quests yet a good way to stock up on the alcohol might be to not open your mystery gifts untill you get the quests. The alcohol drops frequently from the mystery gifts and you just may get lucky and get a bunch of the ones you need.

    Just a thought.

    I have not tested this theory yet because I haven't had time to do so until now. I just got a bottle of wine as a mystery gift and thats what made me think of it. I am saving my mystery gifts until I get the alcohol quests. I will update with the results when I get the them.



    OK I just completed my food/alcohol quests today. My theory worked. I got a bunch. Granted I only needed a few because I had already accumulated a bunch from friends but I was happy to get the few extra that helped me clear those quests. As the alcohol quests come one at a time you have to open up a few gifts for each quest.

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