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    Walking dead zombie snatchin's


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    Walking dead zombie snatchin's Empty Walking dead zombie snatchin's

    Post  Sharbee Tue Aug 07, 2012 2:03 pm

    Desperately need 5 Zombie Maids and 3 Undead Secretary for the First Zombie Hunter Diploma.

    I have excess Undead Hunters and 2 Dead Plumbers I can trade for.

    Or I guess, anything else (but please, only multiples I have!)

    After 2 days trawling through 172 friends and 155 pendings (why you not accept me btw!), I found ONE player with a Zombie to banish. Hurray. And now my coins have run out after buying endless axes for just garlic and aspen rewards! Argh.

    Back to begging mode then. Thanks.


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    Walking dead zombie snatchin's Empty Re: Walking dead zombie snatchin's

    Post  Scitzchick Thu Aug 09, 2012 8:51 pm


    I would love to trade please! All I need is a plumber which will not appear banish after banish grrrrr! I have excess of the others.

    My friend code is A412f1 and my player name is scitzchick, hopefully see you in the manor soon!

    Oh yeah, seen ur code on profile but for some reason I have a blank services page at the moment so can't add in any friend codes :-(

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