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    Game Insight answer questions


    Game Insight answer questions Empty Game Insight answer questions

    Post  Guest Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:00 pm

    Game Insight have posted the following on their facebook page ( The link to the original article is )

    Yay! Finally here we are! So long awaited answers of the Mystery Manor developers are published!

    Q: How do I unlock the Pirate Brig?

    A: In order to unlock the Pirate brig you need to be the required level (32) and advance far enough in the quest line that begins in the Oceanic Room.

    Q: Many complaints concerning lack of quests (levels 50+)

    A: Holiday quests have already been added to the game and will go live soon) Upcoming game updates will include new rooms, new quests and adventures)

    Q: Energy regeneration takes too much time.

    A: Energy regeneration speed is one of the instruments of the in-game economy, and has been calculated with numerous factors in mind. Energy regeneration can be accelerated with special amulets or instantly restored with various energy boosts or by leveling up)

    Q: Add the option to convert coins into diamonds!

    A: The in-game economy is structured with many factors in mind to ensure gameplay that's both convenient and exciting. Splitting up in-game currency into coins and diamonds is one of the instruments of the in-game economy. There are no plans to add a currency conversion option in the near future.

    Q: Low drop rate, much more generous on facebook!

    A: Mystery Manor HD is a unique application adapted for the mobile platform. For the convenience of tablet PC users, significant adjustments in gameplay, game mechanics and opportunities have been made. As the result of redesigning the game, in some areas the drop rate has increased, while other areas offer the players new quests. Needless to say, we pay very close attention to all complaints concerning inadequate drop rates.

    Q: When will another floor be opened?

    A: The application's future development is planned months in advance, and it includes new floors as well)

    Q: Will it be possible to still eat Easter cakes?

    A: We try to implement the philosophy of “holiday items cannot be obtained but can still be used after the holiday event is over.” Therefore, one of the upcoming updates will make it possible to eat Easter cakes.

    Q: When will the problems with visiting friends be fixed?

    A: We are continuously working on optimizing the application's performance. A game version with increased data loading speed when visiting friends is currently being approved by Apple. That will fix the problems some players were experiencing when visiting friends.

    Q: Users are asking to sort friends in alphabetical order or by level.

    A: We are planning to redesign the mechanism of viewing and managing your friends list in the near future. Soon it will become a lot more convenient and functional)

    Q: Users are asking to introduce the option of browsing friends without returning to one's own Manor.

    A: The simplified mechanism of browsing friends without returning to one's own Manor has already been implemented. We will be adding new options in the next version of the game to make this mechanism even more convenient for players.

    Q: Reputation does not raise above level 51.

    A: Indeed, reputation is currently maxed at 51 to ensure game balance. We are considering increasing maximum reputation.
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    Post  Dazza JP Mon Jul 09, 2012 12:03 pm

    Some interesting replies there, thank you for sharing.

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    Post  CathyG Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:21 pm

    Thanks so much for posting that.
    It is very helpful.

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    Post  Courtney2281 Tue Jul 10, 2012 1:38 am

    Good stuff, thanks. The developer has great PR skills! That's talent! cheers

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